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    Here Be Dragons

    hi this is John Ronald Reuel Tolkien the 3rd and you are being sued right now over the internet by me
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    Which Fairy tale is your favorite Fairy tale?

    Santa brought me that book for Christmas. It's pretty great. The first few stories were underwhelming, but the deeper into it you get, the more interesting they become. I can't remember which story it was, but in one of them, the protagonist finds a ruined, abandoned castle and then goes down a...
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    Help expand my sandbox

    I've run both Cult of the Reptile God and Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. Both have very good 5e conversion available for free. Cult of the Reptile God is great. I have run it twice, and both times the events played out completely differently. I'd run it again for sure. It hits all of the sweet...
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    Dragonsfoot Magazine Adventures--Call Out

    The Earth Temple sounds like a place the Groundwater deity would hang out. Have you considered the Groundwater Deity?
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    The Power of Myth

    That's what it is in Beowulf, too. Interesting. I've been reading The Hero with A Thousand Faces again recently. It's great. It's my favorite modern philosophy, even considering that Joseph Campbell references Freud a lot and I have a serious axe to grind with Freud. Have you read any of his...
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    Barrow Maze with Labyrinth Lord

    This is an interesting thread to read. Thanks for posting it. I personally find tracking initiative to be a total pain in the ass and waste of brain-power as a DM, so I just outsource it to a willing player to track. I also let the players decide how they want to do initiative, since they'll...
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    5e - why you think it sucks, and why you're wrong

    This is the inventory system I have my players use. Everyone groaned when I first introduced it, but after they got it, they all really seemed to like it. As a player, it really helps you visualize how your character is carrying their stuff without having to do any boring calculations. As a DM...
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    5e - why you think it sucks, and why you're wrong

    here are some free systems that I have enjoyed perusing the rules of. this one is three bucks. I've not looked at this one, but everyone likes it. The last two have examples of advantage is an old-school style system. There are cheap DCC starter rules from 'Free RPG DAY' that you can find on...
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    05R/Five Torches Deep Sandbox/Megadungeon/Campaign advice - Into the Unknown, Barrowmaze, Archaia, Stonhell....?

    It seems like you have enough IRL DMing XP using different systems that you can just convert on the fly if you have the right tools. I was also under the impression that Five Torches Deep was compatible with 'OSR' material, but I haven't looked at the system myself so I dunno. Echoing what...
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    Barrow Maze with Labyrinth Lord

    This is a great hook. Thanks for the report
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    5e - why you think it sucks, and why you're wrong

    Interesting take, but I am not sure that the jeep metaphor is entirely accurate. A better metaphor for designing and running a campaign is putting together a collage. I think I saw Jeff Rients use this metaphor on his blog recently (so credit to him). You take a bunch of pieces, some of which...
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    5e - why you think it sucks, and why you're wrong

    something is fucking wrong with you
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    DP's OSR Adventure Generator

    This idea is super funny. I like it a lot. It reminds me of a bit of the short story Eyes of a Blue Dog by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Why is the Shoeless Horseman caught between dimensions? Bum deal with some genie, devil or extra-planetary creature? Did the proprietor screw up a forbidden magic...
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    The Black Maw – Last Delve of Avid the Gruesome.

    Since I have senoritis at work and I had so much fun writing about Malrex’s Ranger’s Hideout, I decided to write about the hottest new mega-dungeon on the market, The Black Maw – Last Delve of Avid the Gruesome. Apparently written by a socially awkward giant pike name Craig Pike. The entire...
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    Ranger's Hideout

    Here's an example of how you can include Attack Bonus and Ascending AC in your stat-blocks. They are just contained in brackets. This is an example taken from Hole In the Oak (by Gavin Norman), which was written for Old School Essentials (which uses Descending AC and THAC0). As a DM, doing the...
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    Ranger's Hideout

    OK, I finished reading it. The format of having a bunch of short 1-shot adventures for a ranger or a small group is good. The ADVENTURE AND TRAINING thing on page 4-5 is good since it is so concise. It would be very easy to riff off of 👍. Formatting wise, I think it would be better if they were...
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    Ranger's Hideout

    Page 9, entry 1: "Trapped fog and mist sock in river canyon." I have no clue what that means. irrelevant thought: Socks of Fog and Mist would be a sick-ass magic item.
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    Ranger's Hideout

    I downloaded this and skimmed it a bit at work. Looks pretty neat. One funny error that made me laugh is on page 14 under the Bear Maw. It reads "The Bear Maw is a skinned brown bear that is fashioned into a great cloak..." This conjured up an imagine in my head of someone walking around with...
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    5e - why you think it sucks, and why you're wrong

    I couldn't see what I didn't like about 5e until I had tried something else, and I still think 5e is a fine system (especially when you compare it to 3e or Pathfinder or Shadowrun). You should try running a system like LotFP, DCC, Knave or this for a few sessions. Switching systems does take...