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  1. Johnny F. Normal

    Why Assassins are awesome!!!

    On Carcosa everyone gets down with human sacrifice. It's just a matter of whom you gut like a pig. The paladin and assassin are perhaps just the two sides of a coin. The wrath of god may come as gleaming steel or a glint in the dark. I played the avenger class (4th ed.) as the space between...
  2. Johnny F. Normal

    AKCS II Kickstarter

    I give Alex a lot of credit, game design for him is an ever-flowing stream. He does not rest on his laurels. I may not explicitly play ACKs but geez it is always an immediate go to when I have an adjudication thought in my head. Also, I saw a picture of the trio of volumes in a wood slipcase...
  3. Johnny F. Normal

    The Canadian Spiderman

    Any street slang can be traced back to Yankee draft dodgers. Stoned hippy mumble.
  4. Johnny F. Normal

    The state of Post-OSR content

    Looking around my office I can categorically say I don't NEED another ruleset but I am always interested to LEARN of folks nuances of game play. That which we only have fragments from EGG, once more not enough real DM meat. In particular, when other people of around my pedigree (early 80s) in...
  5. Johnny F. Normal

    Advise on Running G1

    We played G1 semi-recently and I strongly suggest checking out Joe Bloch's G1A - The Steading of the Hill Giant Chief the Lower Caverns. My crew ran away. Probably something to do with me adding a carrion crawler brood mother (i.e.. Aliens)... When hobos are not murdering they are running away.
  6. Johnny F. Normal

    Basic Character Pregens

    That sorta nails why I only lasted about 18 months in the hell hole known as Ottawa. Death by humidity and then the politicians scurry out and eat the corpse.
  7. Johnny F. Normal

    How to teach new DMs procedures for dungeon crawling, etc.

    WotC doesn't teach people how to play their game - GOOD. Save the children.
  8. Johnny F. Normal

    Random Encounter Tables

    More of a little diversion random encounter tables, the lines get blurred when trekking through the wilderlands.
  9. Johnny F. Normal

    Random Encounter Tables

    Hex crawl buy-in and depth is a function of the stage of gameplay. If you are below name level moving from point of interest to the next on your way to the dungeon or whatever is the most engaging. Jacob Hurst's Dark of Hot Springs island being an excellent example. Once you reach name level you...
  10. Johnny F. Normal

    OGL 1.1 = old school tactics

    Do we even exist? Do the corporate whores even know that there are troglodytes playing TSR games? I sorta think that HAS/WotC only believe that 5e exists and all this bullshit is an endeavour to have complete control of 6e. If mechanics cannot be copyrighted (USA) and nobody is in Faerun or...
  11. Johnny F. Normal

    Community Membership

    I think that is a load of crap. You simply need integrity and ethics. For example, I review scientific papers completed by my colleagues and make comment - what I like and what I don't like (could be improved). In particular this goes back to when we were all in the same cohort pursuing our...
  12. Johnny F. Normal

    Get ready to die!

    If the players don't take risks we have a tea party. A quote that I have stolen, and cannot remember the source, nails things - "To win the game one must simply play the game". Let them fall as they may.
  13. Johnny F. Normal

    Let's talk about Barrowmaze

    1) Yes, that encounter on the 'highway' is excellent and tends to be the first introduction to the two cults if the party is exploring the dungeon in a linear fashion from the beginning rather than 'going down the well'. What i am getting at is consideration towards what the factions are doing...
  14. Johnny F. Normal

    Let's talk about Barrowmaze

    It took my crew a few years and a number of side quest diversions but they eventually defeated the great Barrowmaze. We had lots of fun in the tomb of tombs. For those playing or considering, giving some thought and planning to faction action can create a host of fun via manipulation...
  15. Johnny F. Normal

    Let's talk about Barrowmaze

    Cover and an essay. No difference in actual content.
  16. Johnny F. Normal

    City Supplements or Adventures

    City Encounters, will be rereleased (updated) under Finch's Mythmere banner once the ToAD revision is complete. Source: Todd Leback (Third Kingdom Games).
  17. Johnny F. Normal

    City Supplements or Adventures

    I think Pat Wetmore's Denethix from ASE1 is worth mentioning, Factions are laid out along with the nature of the City and a bunch of tables much like Finch's City Encounters just nuttier and not as exhaustive as MF's 699 daytime and % nighttime. The latter of which really is just a random table...