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    The most common mistakes that are the easiest to avoid?

    I want to know the "what is really happening" up front. That way I can understand and evaluate the clues as I come across them. The other big advantage is it gives a direction for all the little brain splurts I have while reading- if I know wtf is going on then they don't go off in ways that...
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    Eero classifies module writing verbosity

    Nice article. I like a blend of Laconic & Geneva. The Dyson example quoted has no hooks for the players to grab onto & follow up. The Geneva example is fine by me- but if it was edited down to bullet points & terse sentences would be better. I'd BUY the Geneva example if the content suited...
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    Trilemma Adventures Compendium

    Great review. I've used the Sky Blind Spire for a one shot with relatively new players. Changed the "tone" by doing away with the big glowing video gamey numbers & having only sorcerory using pcs/henches see number sigils emerging on the players foreheads. It spooked them & they went straight...
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    One-Page Hexcrawl: Lest These Dark Energies Consume Us All

    There is one guy, the Trilemma guy who has come the closest to making some good, useable stuff in the ultra short format. He uses 2 pages though I think- just enough room to add in detail & turn the "good idea but I still need to spend an hour filling it in" to pretty much bang useable at the...
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    The state of Post-OSR content

    Killing Strahd that way is inventive- I like to encourage creative uses of spells. I'd give Strahd a save vs spells though. And if he saves, it's indicative that Strahd can't be killed that way. So can't just spam cast it at him until he fails a save eventually.
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    Ambiance, Allusions, and Limitations

    :LOL: hellish prison/Australia, same thing right? On reflection though you could probably get some solid campaign time done in prison. As for the "far off Lassuth" wine. I usually take the cue from the author & just sub in a region from my world that I want to begin referencing. Spark wine...
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    Ambiance, Allusions, and Limitations

    I'd say the 10 year campaign is a rare thing. You don't get too many shots at it! Easily buggered by people moving, friendship bust ups, changes of life etc. Currently in a 8 year WHFRPG campaign & counting as a player. Started as the "off week" game our group when our "main game" DM didn't...
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    The state of Post-OSR content

    Which is kind of what Jmal does- introduce an interesting idea, but dance around it in a milquetoast way without ever actually delving in or offering a platform. He's more of a historian or archivist role. Not moving things forward. Rients or Zac or a dozen others give me things I use or change...
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    Through Ultan's Door

    Who has run TUD & how did it go? Once I've discovered a product I'm really jazzed about running I find play reports or DM reflections pretty helpful as way to really assess it. Modules are meant to be _run_ and a review from someone who hasn't played it only does half the job. Just as seeing...
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    LotFP - NSFW & some other modules

    Got this one but never run it. Now that you have, anything you'd change or you found challenging to run at the table?
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    P O I S O N !

    Am I over using poison? Is it the "Great Equalizer" for low-HD threats? How many blow-darts should one be able to fire in one round---certainty not 3!?! 1. Separate into intelligent foes using poison & poisonous monsters. poisonous monsters are there own thing & "don't count". As long as there...
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    Military adventure

    It sounds like you have either a mini-campaign- the slow burn & full trials & tribulations version you just play tested or the scaled down idea for a few sessions. Given that you gave the PC's a year, I'd actually prefer the longer version- there aren't many adventures which do such things so...
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    Stealer of Children ("the best"list)

    Well if they ever find things like that even once a year, it makes it worthwhile. If they came back for the hireling was planning to run an adventure I came across (1 pager or minimal like that?) which had watery sections, some aquatic ogres who could be spoken to, and a waterfall entrance...
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    Stealer of Children ("the best"list)

    His wail - again, so Bowie - wasn't an issue. I was running a solo player I'd say equivalent to being 2nd level PC with two x 0/1HD companions if converting to LL or LOTFP etc. They got a bit lucky on the wail- saved, 1 HP dmg & then a whole lot of missing either way & the familiar turned the...
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    Dyson's maps suck

    Well there's arguments to be made about moving toward an ideal or best or better pottery at the rate of 1 per term vs one who works on 4 pots a term... Stages of development & individuality and all that. I'm actually not sure your chosen example best illustrate the lack of Dyson's work. I agree...
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    Stealer of Children ("the best"list)

    I ran this recently for a first time rpg player. The clues are laid on pretty thick, so it would work well for kids too. But makes it uber-easy for adults so I changed a few bits. I figured most players are going to Lansing Manor or the Cemetery pretty quick, given events at the start- which...