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  1. Middle Finger Of Vecna

    Getting 404 errors on

    Reading through that reddit thread I tried what one person did. googled "ten foot pole blog" and that brought up a single review. I clicked on that review and it loaded fine. I was then able to navigate to other reviews. However, when I try to go to the home page, I get the 404...
  2. Middle Finger Of Vecna

    Getting 404 errors on

    I've gotten those resource limit messages as well but for the last few days, not even that. Tried multiple web browsers. No luck
  3. Middle Finger Of Vecna

    Getting 404 errors on

    Anyone else seeing this? I haven't been able to access the blog for 2-3 days
  4. Middle Finger Of Vecna

    Should I be happy or sad that all the drahma has moved to the Tenfoot comments section?

    Please don't become one of those that sadly go missing every year on hikes. Seriously. Oh, and keep the camera ready for Bigfoot sightings
  5. Middle Finger Of Vecna

    Book Fucking Talk

    Eddings gets a lot of hate, some of it deserved but the bile spit out against him by some seems excessive and I'm not just talking about Gus. I've seen similar comments by others. Yeah, it's not great lit but how much fantasy is? Sometimes, you just want to read something that doesn't require a...