Merry Christmas


It's a wonderful time of year for me. University work pays garbage but the benefits (like vast quantities of PTO around the holidays) are excellent. Im also between grad school semesters, so I can relax for the first time in months. I'm getting lots of writing done and seeing my folks. I think the stars could align and I might actually get two or three projects published in January-February.

Hope everyone here is well. Glad Byrce got such a great present with the no art punk adventures to review. Something other than drek at least.


My my my, we just loooove to hear ourselves don't we?
It's just one big fucking cozy love-in here isn't it.

Alright Alright. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you grumpy grogs. It's always a pleasure to pass some time in your bellicose, occasionally belligerent and always inciteful company. I wish you all a creative and highly productive New Year.