European Drivethru Delays


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I know there are a couple of Europeans who frequent these boards. Have any of you guys had trouble getting your Drivethru orders recently?
I got a message that my copies of Cauldron and Ascent of the Leviathan shipped on February 13.

I feel like things have gotten waaaaaay slower since Brexit... Also, I've been hit up for VAT by the delivery guy repeatedly on previous orders which is some utter bullshit.


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LRH had some thoughts on this and took to the high seas.

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There has definitely been a step up in VAT enforcement across Europe, which, in Hungary's case, is a healthy 25% extra on anything you order from the US and the UK. Drivethru sometimes prints in the UK, so that gets added during postage. Slowdowns in deliveries, too - went from 3-5 days to send a zine to the UK to 7-10 days.

Unfortunately, overseas shipping is bound to get yet more expensive, and the same goes for paper and so on and so forth.


8, 8, I forget what is for
I guess it's better than Maputo where the 'post office' opens your stuff and either outright steals it or holds it hostage until you bribe them. There, I'd just have my DTRPG delivered to my Canadian address and pick it up once a year (along with a brimming box of comics).
It was a glorious year I had here in the Bundesrepublik before Brexit kicked in; reading the reviews and then having the book in my lap not long after... Shipping was SO affordable too! 😭