Genre specific


i fucking hate writing ...
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complexity in map design
+mines claws color, same level

reward off the beaten path
+harven half skullen

mind map social
+frandors keep
+life & death - goal, motivation, party specific

gonzo vs ren
Gonzo implies a weird world that is unpredictable and YOU ARE NOT SAFE. MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING! RenFaire pushes the setting trappings up to the Ren period and then typically mixes it with modern culture. Archeology museums. Friendly city guards. In gonzo you have a world on the edge while in RenFaire you have a highly functioning society. In one the PC’s have room to breathe and in the other you are the guardians of order … because there’s not room for anything else.

Investiogatiosn dont work/gimpings/speak with dead/cure light


i fucking hate writing ...
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Human enemies

Human enemies are great and tend to be underused in adventures. They serve as a great point of comparison to the monstrous opponents the players will meet. If every opponent is a monster then what fear do the party have of monsters? If a lot of enemies are human then the Otherness of the monster is more pronounced. Humans also serve another purpose: they are more relatable. A monster committing atrocities? Sure thing. Fellow human bandits who have turned to cannibalism? A little more real and relatable and therefore tending toward the more visceral.