Inspirational Sources Dump


This is a general thread to share inspirational resources, pieces of media that you find especially well suited to adapting or stealing whole-cloth for tabletop games. Not necessarily the thread to expand them into full write-ups or stat blocks/etc., just to share neat things you found that don't fit anywhere else. has a decent amount of concept art books available, and the other day I stumbled upon this set for Japanese tokusatsu/sentai series. For those unaware, it's basically their version of superhero media, and many series have been adapted in the US as Power Rangers (using the Japanese fight scenes, but American actors out-of-combat). I love the creativity of the creature designs. It's limited in scope-- most of these were concepts for rubber costumes to be worn and wrestled in and are thus bipedal and roughly human shaped-- but check out some of these guys:



8, 8, I forget what is for
The first two seem destined for some sort of Monster Manual. Nice find!