Recommendations for OSR cartographers and layout artists


Hey Everyone,

I'm putting together an adventure module that will be sold together with a comic book I'm creating called Chaotic Neutral.

Both the comic and module art meant to evoke early old school modules from TSR. (I'm trying to upload the art but the files are evidently too large).

The comic is completely done, the text for the module is getting there, but I'm looking for someone to do layouts and cartography.

I'd like the text and maps to have a late 70s early 80s TSR feel, but at the same time have use some modern methods so that while the font may look similar to something like Keep on The Borderlands, the reader/DM isn't just staring at words or text. Map wise, I'd like to emulate the blue and white graph maps of yore, although again, I'd be open to some things to make sure they're usable.

Can anyone think of layout artists (is that the term? I mean people who do layout, the actual monster/character art will be drawn by others) and/or cartographers that would be a good fit?

Thanks in advance,



The blue and white type style should be fairly easy just to do in something like LibreOffice Draw, the style doesn't have any flourish that requires a real cartographer. Mr. Welch's crew are solid artists and more modern cartographers, but I don't know if anyone does layout specifically. Hack and Slash blogger Courtney makes old school evocative magazines, he might be willing to give tips at least, and he's currently looking to advertise OSR community projects too.


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Do you all use InDesign or more open source things?

I know the campaignwiki guy is very much about the later.