The Art of DIY Art


8, 8, I forget what is for
Time to stop flogging ye old Footprints 25 thread as it's nearly out the door.

This new thread is for anything related to making (or critiquing) art to compliment an adventure.

First up: here's a recent video posted over at Goodman Games site that was brought to my attention by Peter Mullen. It's the OSR artist Stefan Poag talking through how he inks.

My main observation is what a nice fellow Poag comes off as being. Watching him ink is very Zen to me. I also seem to share his tastes and opinions on not-so-great 1980's fantasy novels. :)

Another interesting thing to see is how he---this far into his career---is changing his mental perspective and methods to depict light and shadow. Art creation is certainly a life-long journey.

Poag also has his own blog, here. The most recent post (May 11, 2021) shows two of the illustrations from the video. I think you can see a real progression in his style towards the baroque (and some of his stated influences). Interesting!
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I love both Mullen's and Poag's art and have their little artbooks by Goodman Games. Awesome to see how Poag's art is evolving (while still being unmistakeably Poag).