The Sudden Siege for The Cup of Wonder - Looking for Feedback

Two orcs

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Syrah, the Sage of Spirits
calls out to you from his fragrant tower-distillery. He plys you with rare vintages and regales you with tales of The Cup of Wonder. He hates travel. He offers 5,000gp for a detailed description of the taste of The Cup's drink, or 10,000gp for a generous sample of it (a full cup). If refused: "Oh well, I'm sure it doesn't compare to last year's dry Pélerinage (a potion of Quest passed off as your next cup of wine)". The Quest can only be lifted by a 13th level caster. If refused, the Quest has the same effect as The Cup of Thirst till obeyed (page 10).
(Alchemist, Sage and 8th level Bard (20 hp), he does not fight but quaffs a potion of Invisibility)
The local law loves Syrah and does not punish his deception. Murder of him is prosecuted as regicide.

Aujags the black-maned Reaver travels many towns "Seeking heroes & villains, to perform a mighty deed for a handsome reward". His warchief, Agis Aqizi, offers 50,000gp and yearly drinks from The Cup of Wonder, to anyone who subverts the defense of The Citadel within 30 days of the army's arrival, or steal The Cup outright. Details are shared no sooner than 1 month before the siege.
(HD: 5, AC: 4, Move: 90'(30'), Masterwork Sword 5+ (1d8+4) or Shortbow 7+ (1d6), Initiative: +1, Surprise: +1, Morale: +1)

Choden Geldbite leads a caravan of blissfully chanting migrant-pilgrims, their pack animals laboring under layers of white chalk, bells and garlands. We're going to the Sacred Vale where the Cup of Wonder blesses the land and the people with vitality and wisdom. Anyone the custodians deem worthy may drink from it, we are prepared to wait a lifetime for our chance! Join us, if you're worthy!"

50 normal men and women (HD: ½, AC: 0, Move: 120'(40'), Staff 11+ (1d6), Morale: -2)
25 oxen (HD: 3+2, AC: 2, Move: 120'(40'), Head-butt (1d6), Morale: -3)
75 children (non-combatants)
Treasure: 2,500gp in household goods and supplies, weight 1,000 stone.