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The forum commentary needs to be acknowledged. Should I do this by name or summarize by "the forum users" I can go both ways and don't want to leave anyone out. Ug, and the blogs/forums I've read also. No fucking way I can remember all that, even if I tried. Re: my patrician ghouls and Stonehells Gentleman ghouls, which must have fucking influenced mine even if I forgot. Which are both derived from that ghoul underdark adventure? There is no truth, everything builds on everything else? Which is a shitty thing to say when you are acknowledging the contributions of others.

[I hate simulationist shit. Do I keep in that section or remove it? Ack some people likeit and keep it in? Or rail against it?]

Empty rooms, as pacing, is a D&D thing. Or, a resting thing? is tat it?
There's a thing about running them, and jangly keys, that is HOW to be a dm, not in this book
Also, rumors
Also, not overemphasis the room with a descr. Which is a concentrate on whats meaningful.
Also, just list it as empty on the map.

So, there's two concepts here. The PURPOSE of an empty room and then the contents, or maybe, how to write an empty room?

Malrex's spacing point makes me think that there is MUCH research in this area that I still need to do.

Look fucker, I KNOW that "their" is the right word. Fifty fucking years has told me its the right fucking word. Why the fuck are you underlining it in red? Like I don't have enough problems already with my mind racing faster than my fingers can keep up with.

Empty Rooms
Some rooms are more important than others. Some rooms are full of interactivity. There are buttons to press. There are people to talk to, or stab. Things to do! And then there are the filler rooms. These are the empty rooms. Not necessarily a room devoid of contents, but rather a room that is not a directly interactive as others. Some games, such as D&D and others that demand a Rest/Recharge element, need empty rooms as a kind of safe haven. Others have them for plot purposes or light simulationist purposes; the cultists need someplace to prepare food or else pizza delivery is going to leave them secret lair exposed. Or, perhaps two groups of creatures just need some empty space between their lairs.

The key phase here is "not necessarily devoid of contents." There is both a negative and positive aspect to an empty room that still has things in it. In a negative aspect, empty rooms can be holding tanks for trivia. Full of words and descriptions of things that do not matter to actual play. This is the exhaustive list of a rooms contents, and a textual emphasis on elements that do not drive the adventure forward. Does this room have a lot of text? It must be important! Or, it's an empty rooms that the designer has padded out with trivia.

The room can still be empty and help drive the adventure forward. They can be viewed as foreshadowing, rumors, in another format. Spoor on the ground can hint at a nearby monster. Scotch marks on the walls hint of lazer rifles nearby. These don't need to be elaborate. Just enough to let the DM build upon them.
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Sure. One could --- but I personally wouldn't have zero description. I think it makes it too obvious what's important and what's irrelevant.

It's the whole notion that if you don't get your players used to some level of mundane description (backgroud noise), then everything you describe with even minimal detail jumps out as a signal.


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Aren't empty rooms just rumors in another form? Their description doesn't need to go on and on, but they should communicate something.


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Aren't empty rooms just rumors in another form? Their description doesn't need to go on and on, but they should communicate something.
A great empty room idea is a clue that foreshadows something else. If there are laser-wielding aliens nearby, throw some scorch marks on the walls, for example. Doesn't need to be elaborate (and prob shouldn't be).
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Byrce is wonder/suggesting if you can just skip numbering them on the map/key.


So ... slow work day? Every day?
Yeah..blank, unnumbered rooms can help with pacing and distancing contested territory. I REALLY like EOTB's comment that they can act like your rumor table. I dig that.