12. Level 2 - Traps


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Level 2 Traps

I've tried to put in a hint in every case where there's a trap. Something that, if the players are paying attention, they can find. This both rewards people paying attention, puts the control in their hands, and provides a potential resource for them to exploit, by luring creatures, etc.

  • Room 1 has a faintly bloodstained lintel, betraying the doorway trap. Hopefully the DM doesn't relay this information until a player asks, examines.
  • Rooms 5 & 6 are bandit traps, so rather crude. If you look behind/examine the kindling piles that litter the room them you get to find the obvious spear trap.
  • Room 7 is an exception. Kind of. I tend to make "treasure chest" traps a little less obvious. The fact that it potentially has treasure/is a contained means you should be looking closer. Gooey black poison on the outside of one and an eye motif are obvious and subtle clues.
  • Room 22 isn't really a trap but more of a trick, releasing obscuring gas when you fuck with the wraith kings statue, maybe tricking you in to attacking/wasting a spell/fleeing.
  • Room 26 has a water/fall trap that should be obvious from it leaking under the floor.
  • Room 29 is another container with a trap. Not much here except "sealed with wax." Like I said, I take a little more latitude with contained traps and other things that should, obviously, be careful of.
Hmmm, which reminds me, I should make a note of how random hallway traps slow the game.