1e Monster Manual Minis from Wizkids

They even made up the box to look like the Monster Manual! That's a nice touch.

The set is not worth $99 to me, but this post has nevertheless brightened my morning.


8, 8, I forget what is for
Right. But I was comparing kit to the chimera and bullete. Looks more like 6-foot radius! Or do I have an oversize mental image of the latter two?
No, the bulette is way too small, in 1e it was 12' long. But on the chimera, the wings, tail and dragon head probably count in the amount of space it takes up.

In 3e and 4e, the chimera and beholder would both take up 2 x 2 spaces (large), but a bulette would take up 3 x 3 spaces (huge).

I also don't like the way they extend off their bases. I don't use minis any more, but when I did, they needed to stay in their space or they can crowd other minis out of what should be their space.

I think these are really toys/collectables, and not really meant for play.