Bandit Lairs

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What scale? The free "Brigand caves" supplement for Stonehell is a big cave lair with like 20 bandits which I got a lot of use out of. ACKS Lairs & Encounters has a simple 200 brigand lair which is more like a Roman army camp (and like 100 other lairs).


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I've got one at (with the loot at in a completely unrelated thread, of course ;) ).

Although the total force is 99 (80 0-level bandits, with 19 guards/leaders = 99 total combatants), so a bit larger than what you're initially looking for.

I have a smaller group of bandits/brigands in my version of the DMG monastery dungeons, see:
- map at although I'm pretty sure that’s not the most-current version
- blog at includes my background tweaks, and local/regional wilderness maps



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I have an NPC party of bandits in a river crossing using tropes from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...but it's fairly high-level (6-8th) and AD&D specific. PM me Maynard if you have an interest.