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i fucking hate writing ...
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Good descriptions don’t describe a locale, they describe the sense of a locale

+st cloud
Boring words

+tomb lovelorn
-lost hall tyr striking rock formation

+spores sad shroom
+tree f blight
+grave heartless

+life & death
+red prophet
-shards mystery

+bishops secret
+necromancers bane
+chapel cliffs
+maze screaming silence
+polute elfen memory water

-hand horla
+under temple crypt

-navrone – abstracted text

+dusty door
+little bit of thievery

Less is more
++deadly den wanton wolth

-overly flowery language in sandoval estate
+phaunts tower

+optic experiment
+barbarian king
+sense of loss

Abstracted text
-whispers from the void

You need to communicate the core concepts of the adventure, room, monster, whatever, in a flavorful manner. In a way that gets across all of the imagery you have in your head that only you can see. You have a powerful tool: English.

There’s another tool that the best authors use: ignoring the rules of language. You have my permission to murder the English language. Grammar, spelling, using nouns for verbs and verbs for nouns … it doesn’t matter. Do it. Do whatever you need to with the words in order to communicate what’s going on in your head. Do it. You need to lodge an idea seed in the DM’s head. The DM is going to read the adventure, once, probably just skimming it. From that you need to lodge an idea in their head that they can then riff off of. Something interesting. Something that springs to life and takes on an existence of its own, growing and festering their mind. If you do a good job you can do that for each and every room.
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i fucking hate writing ...
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Once, when I was a lowely architect, I was working on a $100 million nationwide optical network. While reviewing the design I came across a major issue. Like, a $30mil issue. I started working on it furiously. Why did the modeling show it still worked? Because, I figured out, I had come across the problem 9 months earlier, developed an innovative solution and implemented it, and then prompty forgot about it.

What the FUCK does this section mean? "Write good?"


8, 8, I forget what is for
Once I ran into trouble recompiling python from source code on the IRIX OS, I typed in the error messages I was getting into Google and up came a nice bug report from the python development web site that explained the problem and how to fix it.

I had posted it six months earlier. No memory of it.

An example of "googling" your own brain. Funny which memories gets saved and which get trashed.


So ... slow work day? Every day?
What the FUCK does this section mean? "Write good?"
Means, make every word count. When typing a word, give yourself the opportunity to use it as a tool to help the DM visualize what you are trying to get across.

You need to vibify your language.
Is vibify even a word?
Make your language give a vibe.

Which sentence did you remember?