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i fucking hate writing ...
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Density 1
Hark! It is game night! You pull out your 48 page adventure and open it up to prepare it. There’s a blank page. And then a title page. And then two pages of licensing boilerplate. And then Two pages of the designer talking about themselves and what brought them to the game and motivates them. And then There’s a two pages of fiction. And a three page backstory. And then there’s an overview of the game world which will never come in to play that is three pages. Then There’s the introduction page to the actual adventure which is quite generic. And then a four page listing of a generic village that has nothing special going on in it. Then, The adventure! Eight pages. And it’s not very good. Then another blank page. You then get five pages describing magic items and new spells, and then ten more pages of monster descriptions & stats. There’s also about six pages worth of art, none of it very specific. 42 pages for an eight page adventure, that’s not very good, means that the designer put their focus in to areas OTHER than the actual adventure. And it shows in the finished product. The primary focus needs to be the actual adventure.