Good "Wizard Tower" adventures


Should be playing D&D instead
Nice! This kind of makes me want to run it just to see how it goes. I've been running 3.5 old-school style for a while, but my players still seem to expect balanced encounters...
Thanks and let me know how it goes. Just remember nothing exists in a vacuum. Specifically that the folks living in Badabaskor are aware of many things about the current state of affairs. Information that explains why Duke Cragen just doesn't go tearing through the lower levels despite the resources at hand. In a nutshell, most of what in Badabaskor is discoverable and shouldn't be a surprise to an enterprising party.

Not sure how explicit I made those inter-connections compared to my later work like Scourge of the Demon Wolf. But it was definitely part of how I did things by the mid 2000s so it still should be in although not spelled out as well.