I am NOT the fuck amused tonight


A FreshHell to Contend With
Too true.
I'm guessing it's the easiest thread to enter... without being a verified member of some sort. :D


A FreshHell to Contend With
Hmmm, maybe that's the point now that I think about it. Catching the spammers before they do much damage...


A FreshHell to Contend With
I'd love to learn what happened. Perhaps, it's a premise for a small adventure?
Perhaps, it's a stipulation for a contest? Have an adventure with the phrases

> If your mother fucking ass shows up here and I and I have to reengage on this topic it is NOT going to go the fuck well for you.


> Mother fucking piece of mother fucking shit. As if this is the mother thing I have any mother fucking interest in fucking doing right now. As if I don't get to take any mother fucking time off at all.

both in one or spread over two readouts?..

I'm willing to pay $100 to get some quality content out of this thread. :sneaky: