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XenForo does a pretty good job, but it looks like some russian/yandex scum is getting through.

If you see it, report it, while I dig around and try to find a pattern or plugin to Ying their Yang.


i fucking hate writing ...
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Looks line one got through. Thanks for reporting it!

Xenforo is pretty good about catching the spammers trying to register; I get three or four a day that the system catches before they can reg. Two real spam messages in one year? I'd say Xenforo has it down TIGHT!


i fucking hate writing ...
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It looks like we're getting about one spammer a day who is making it through the automated checks to keep them out. Not bad, but not good either. I'll see what I can do.


i fucking hate writing ...
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Ok, updated. If it continues the next step is a subscription to a honeypot/stopspam list


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Thank you sir! Honestly, for footing the bill for this forum (and letting others piss all over it). Many thanks.
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Hey Bryce! Its me osrnoob!
Can you help me? The recent spam changes affect me more than most. I dont know the right solution but maybe something like the RPG Planet Campaign WIki Links to Wisdom guy? He seems to get very little spam and I have no problems commenting there.

Not all annons are bad, I love you and am loyal. You see that and my love only grows.

I joined shortly before the dark times and you have grown into a main love. Everyone here is nice even considering the edition wars threads lol.
(In before the 4e is great and why you are wrong thread XD)

You have not seen me post here in a while but I comment all the time as annon. I dont have a google account and dont feel safe getting one.

Your site has provided me with so much joy and motivation over these years and this site is one of the few places I feel comfortable.

The recent spam changes have made it very hard to comment with VPNs or Tor. I understand most dont use these tools but I do and have relied on them for safe travel and years abroad. Particularly in countries hostile to free speech, citizen rights and democracy.

Could you lighten the spam filters to allow for vpn or tor use? I know the constant viagra ads suck and spam is a huge annoyance and I see the importance of these tools but currently the new system hurts a loyal fan.

I know most folks dont need these things or care but I wanted to post this and let you know.

I love you with the heart of a thousand burning chessex mats in a pyre to your glory.

Remember to steal the giant diamond in the tower from the vulture god and thank you for your time.

I love you


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Greetings! I tried to comment and got an error message like, "Your IP address has been flagged as spam."

I was trying to warn Bryce that he forgot to tag the latest Two of Ten even though he said that's what he was going to give it.


i fucking hate writing ...
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Sorry, I've been out of service for a bit

I just disabled the spam detector. Let's see if that fixes things for folks?