A FreshHell to Contend With
I must have stumbled into a weird reality that I am getting what I wanted if someone can tell me this book is real and I will be able to buy it.

I started clipping together various paragraphs from Bryce's reviews on good things he described in various reviews for my own use 5 years ago?

Now I find he's essentially doing that for me and I can buy his book!?

This week is weird and wonderful.

I still need to find the review where he's reviewing some weirdo writer who's indistinguishable between a genius DGAF writer and a troll.

Kinda like Hubbard or his x-filed parody

"As a series of still photographs pass into view, author Jose Chung describes the life of Juggernaut Onan Goopta, who went to college hoping to become a famous neuroscientist and instead was overcome by dementia and institutionalized. During his hospital stay, Goopta decided to become a writer. His first literary works were so incompetent they were mistaken for "brilliant parodies." Chung met Goopta when his stories were published in a detective magazine.

When that publication folded, a desperate Goopta "changed the course of human history" when he published the first in a series of highly successful self-help books and founded the "Institute of Selfosophy," which taught members how to shed negative thoughts. It was an enormous success. Anyone responsible for internal criticism of the organization was reprogrammed, and if that failed, dubbed a "Ratfinkovitch" and excommunicated from the institute."


A FreshHell to Contend With
I guess I'm asking when this might be available.

The only suggestion I have for you is - be yourself. I'm here for your work. Don't change to try to suit someone else, be you, your writing is amazing, I absolutely love it. My guess is that everyone else here does too. That's what I want to buy.

Thank you for being you and willing to share your thoughts with all of us over the years. I still can't believe you are making this book and I can buy it! What a great week!


So ... slow work day? Every day?
I guess I'm asking when this might be available.
Yeah....da fuk? Almost been a year without a peep. That's way longer than 3 weeks or whatever deadline you gave Wavestone Keep contest. Just sayin.
How about an update chief?
Is this idea dead? Is it dispersing into the wind like a tumbleweed?....

*Insert motivational speech here*

I think everyone would like to see this come to fruition someday, and probably most of us are happy to give you a kick in the ass for motivation or support. :)

Christ, I thought Prince was slow...