What happened to the weird reviews?


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I remember reading some reviews, I'm nearly positive were here, that were on weird modules. Like one where the author was high or disturbed.

I think one talked about a magic item that was a stick that turned into a shovel. Just simple.

I tried to find them again and could not. Did I imagine this category or was it removed or was it another site?

Thank you for your help.

What a wonderful site.


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Thank you both for posting and linking to these reviews, they are in line with what I remembered but I swear it was older, like 2019 or earlier.

Prince gets close to what I remember, but some lines were

Did this person even play D&D? Are they some sort of elaborate hoax or troll writing this?

What kind of person would write this? It might be so bad that it is impossible to create something that poorly without doing it intentionally.

Anyway, maybe I'll never find them again, maybe I will.

I really love tenfootpole and thank you for introducing me to Prince of Nothing. I really appreciate it.


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I think he's talking about those adventures by that guy who writes in a childlike style. One of them was inside a walking giant or something like that...


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I posted this in a different thread but it probably belongs here

I still need to find the review where he's reviewing some weird writer who's indistinguishable between a genius DGAF writer and a troll.

Kinda like Hubbard or his x-filed parody

"As a series of still photographs pass into view, author Jose Chung describes the life of Juggernaut Onan Goopta, who went to college hoping to become a famous neuroscientist and instead was overcome by dementia and institutionalized. During his hospital stay, Goopta decided to become a writer. His first literary works were so incompetent they were mistaken for "brilliant parodies." Chung met Goopta when his stories were published in a detective magazine.

When that publication folded, a desperate Goopta "changed the course of human history" when he published the first in a series of highly successful self-help books and founded the "Institute of Selfosophy," which taught members how to shed negative thoughts. It was an enormous success. Anyone responsible for internal criticism of the organization was reprogrammed, and if that failed, dubbed a "Ratfinkovitch" and excommunicated from the institute."


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Pretty sure that was either Bryce's or False Machine's. You Bryce's review search for Unbalanced Games.


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The intriguing part of Unbalanced Dice Games is that the conversational style and deliberately ugly presentation is coupled with a solid understanding of D&D that can only arise from years of experience. You expect it to be utter shite the second you read it but it somehow all works. It is mirror-universe Artpunk. It is knuptra.