i fucking hate writing ...
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In my wanderings around the web I come across a wide variety of stuff that seems interesting. I typically add it to a wishlist and then occasionally buy everything on my wishlist and download. And then I forget about it and get distracted by something else. So I have this huge folder of shit that doesn't qualify for a review, since it's not an adventure, but that I wanted and that I have now forgotten about. I'm trying to be better about this and have started working through the massive backlog of shit

Woodfall is one of those items. I found the fairy tale thing appealing but then I think it got this rep, maybe from the Melan review? Anyway, I finally got around to reading it. I'm not reviewing it; I don't know how to review to non-adventures.

I like it. It tends to the absurdist side of things, or at least that's how I'm interpreting the Woodfall Collective and Revolutionary Corpse Council. It strikes me as the kind of batshit crazy stuff that comes up from emergent play during a game. It's full of weird shit and organized factions trying to accomplish things. I'd have no trouble adding some of this shit in to my game, picking up things piecemeal from the book and dropping it in to my world/town. IE: somethiing to spice shit up between adventures as background color to their homebase. The Fairy Liberation Front sets something on fire, for example, or something like that. Background color that the party may or may not get involved in, as they see fit. If things go in to domain play then the entire Woodfall region would be appropriate to stick in as a complication.