Yo, I'm "selling" this shit


i fucking hate writing ...
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I don't want this shit. You can have this shit. Maybe, for like the cost of Media Mail, so it doesn't cost me to throw it away?

Also, I wouldn't say No to a hardcopy of DCO or Operation Unfathomable

A custom print of the 5e basic rules, spiral bound
Death in the Painted Canyons
Island of Purple Haunt Putresence
The Blackapple Brugh
Jungle Ruins of Maduro-Shanti
castle Baldemeres Dungeon
Eyrie of the Dread Eye
Barrow Mound of Gravemoor
Trollback Keep
Slavers of Marshdale
Red Prophet Rises
Dread Saecaroth
Rogues in Remballo
Writing with Style
The Castle that fell from the sky
The tomb of the sea kings
Obscene Serpent Religion 2
Obsidian Anti-Pharos
Cyborg - The ultimate adventure wargame
Ravenloft GM screen
The Shadowed Keep
Valen'cya's Horde
Yrchyn, the tyrant
The Shattered Skull

DCC Shit
DCC core rpg
DCC starter rulebook (x2)
Tower of the black pearl
The emerald Enchanter
Beyond the black gate
Hole in the sky (x2)
The people of the Pit
Bride of the black manse (x2)
The hobonomicon
Fates Fell Hand
Emrikol was framed
Intrigue at the court of chaos
Blades against death


i fucking hate writing ...
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Also, I'm getting the fuck rid of the following, but I feel like I need to ask market rates:

Downtown: The Air War Over Hanoi - wargame
Renegade Legion Prefect - wargame
Burgle Bros 2 - The Casino Caper


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I'm in for Red Prophet Rises, Eyrie of the Dread Eye, and The Castle that fell from the sky. Just let me know where to send to money.