Shit, Vox Machina is pretty entertaining you guys.


8, 8, I forget what is for
I've had a player mention Mercer in my presence and had to suggest perhaps he would rather spend his Wednesday nights with an improv troop instead. I've mostly avoided the Critical Roll streams.

But I'm a sucker for animation (being an animator and all...) and this shit is funny dudes!


Should be playing D&D instead
Its ok IMO. 7?

With so much more stuff these days bar has risen. Hypothetical robots who dont work or sleep ever will never keep up


So ... slow work day? Every day?
I didn't want to like it...and there are parts that made me roll my eyes (the emo dude with the gun)...but it was entertaining after a few beers. My buddy Jon played a halfling bard or rogue or something a few years ago and it reminds me of the gnome bard on the show, so that kept me watching it. I liked the gnome priest or dwarf lady priest the best.