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Systemically? No, there wasn't a procedure or spread of trap difficulty. But I know I've seen traps in adventure text indicating the thief's chance was reduced over baseline, to find and/or disarm it.

Granted it wasn't common for someone to do this. And I'm OK with that really.
I have seen it in a few adventures (Huso likes to do it, but most of his material is high level as all hell, so it's understandable).

Congrats on getting funded @Malrex ! I'd love to see that 3d printed miniature stretch goal :D
Well done!! In only a few days, too!


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It does, thanks. I don't know 5e that well yet, so I can't comment on the damage expression, but a DC 12 saving throw is going to require a d20 roll of 10 to save for your average 5e level 1 character; the save would be much harder in earlier editions. As @PrinceofNothing pointed out to me once, you probably get closer to the designer's intent if you buy the version for the system it was designed for.
WHO CALL-Ahem. While we will likely never see a conclusion to me and DP's pistols at dawn thread, I think it is something that strikes true. I have recently started playing AD&D 1e and even the difference between that and D&D Basic are enough to make a qualitative difference.


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So... are we going to get nice maps by a certain CAD mapping software ;)
I've been using Campaign Cartographer and Grutzi pitched in on a few maps using his program (which I forgot the name)--and he did most for Cauldron. The jellyfish was a difficult map to do, especially the tentacled 'forest'. So I hired Courtney Campbell to do a side profile map/art piece as well. Was going to try to post it here, but the file is too big.